Thursday, January 17, 2008

Creative Project Expectations

The following list contains a few topic ideas that you can use for your creative project. If you do not like any of these options on the list, you can create your own with prior approval of me. Keep in mind that your project needs to be a minimum of three hours of work for an A as well as keeping a detailed work log. Your work should include the date and time that you worked on your project, and a good size paragraph explaining what you did during this time.

1) Write a report on the Rorschach test. Should be five paragraphs long and have a good beginning, middle, and end. In addition, create an ink blot using paint and ask three people what they see. Record your observations. Did all the people see the same thing? Could you see all the pictures that the other people saw? Do you think this test says anything about personality? Why or why not?

2) Consider how the story relates to the real world and write an essay about it.

3) Prepare a group presentation(no more than three in a group) or a paper discussing the reoccurring themes, symbolism, mood, and tone in the novel.

4) Prepare a group presentation (no more than three in a group) or paper comparing/contrasting the characters in the story.

5) Find a poem or write a poem that addresses an issue, theme, character, setting, conflict, or point of view addressed in the story.

6) Scene performance: select three scenes and record them using Youtube or create an I-Movie or use windows Movie maker. I must see the video BEFORE you present to the class.

7) Make a billboard that represents symbols from the novel and explain the significance of each.

8) Make a doll to represent a character(s) in the novel and explain their contribution to the overall story.

9) Research the author of the story. Did anything you learn about the author help you better understand the story? Does it parallel his/her life?

10) Make a new book cover for the story. You should include a summary of the story, at least five reviews from people who have read the story, and at least one colored illustration.

11) Find clip art or images from Flickr or Creative Commons that represent characters, scenes, themes, symbols from the story and explain the importance of each.

12) Make trading cards for each character within the story. Each must be neat, colorful, and have detailed descriptions for each.

13) Make a collage of symbols used by the author and state the importance of each.

14) Create a blog that talks about important scenes, characters, happenings within the book and share it with the class.

15) Create your own podcast/radio show that deals with the story. Must view before presentation.

16) Write an exchange of letters between a major character and one other in the story. Have them discuss a common topic. Remember: Each character must remain consistent with his/her established character.

17) What if? Speculate what would happen if certain events discussed in the novel had happened differently. Rewrite the ending.

18) Create a sequel to the story.

19) make a poster illustrating some of the author's sayings explaining why you chose each of them.

20) Rewrite a passage for a different audience.

21) Memorize and recite a portion of the author's writings, explaining why you feel this passage is important.

22) Update. If the characters lived now, what would the character be doing? How would they survive, and how would their lives be similar or different?

23) Write the script for a 'Talk Show" and videotape it to show to the class. Must see prior to presentation.

24) Write several diary entries reflecting a day in the life of a character from the story.

25) Describe a character in the story by explaining how they would be or how they would be treated in modern day society.

26) Write a local newspaper account of a certain episode.

27) Pick an episode from the story, making it into a graphic novel or comic strip with appropriate captions and bubbles of dialogue and thoughts.

28) Draw five places described in the story and explain the significance of each.

29) Choose your own topic with prior approval of me.

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